Why would I lease & not buy a water filtration system?

June 19, 2020

Great question!! Many people wonder why they would lease a water filtration system instead of buying it outright? If your parents were anything like mine, we were always told to save up for something and pay in full at the time of purchase.

Putting it on credit card or easy pay was a big no-no in my family and to be honest, I have stuck with this and have never used afterpay (or anything similar) in my life!

An Operational Lease means that everything is included!

However, when you are talking about a product that needs regular servicing & maintenance and an eventual upgrade, an operational lease is definitely the way to go. Here are the 2 reasons that we are so passionate about our fully-maintained operational leases;

1. A filtration system is only as good as the filters on it, and that’s why 6 monthly filter changes and servicing is included.
2. Sadly, all appliances will eventually break, and with an operational lease, it means that we will replace it with the new model FREE!

Never boil a kettle again!

But our clients tell us that these are what they love about our leasing system the most;

  • 1. There is no huge initial outlay
  • 2. If it breaks, we fix it FREE!
  • 3. When it eventually goes to ‘water cooler heaven’ we upgrade you to the new model FREE!
  • 4. 6 monthly changes of all 3 filters and servicing is included and we schedule them in so you don’t have to remember
  • 5. It is a tax-deductible lease

Some of the other questions that we get asked are;

  • 1. How long is the agreement for? 36 months but we do have a cancellation clause available.
  • 2. Will I ever own the system? Trust us, you don’t want to own it – all systems like this will need upgrading at about the 3-4 year mark & then we just install a new model at no additional cost!
  • 3. Who installs the system? We use a licensed plumber & gas fitter so you are totally covered.

But the main reason that operational leases are the way to go is that there are;


There is nothing worse than an expensive appliance breaking a couple of months after the warranty has expired – just think back to the last time that you had call an appliance repair company – ouch! Our fully maintained operational leases for Filtered Hot, Cold & Sparkling Water are only $19 week – with all servicing, maintenance & filter changes inclusive.

To find out more click on;

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