The Water
Cooler Guys

The Water Cooler Guys is a proud Toowoomba, locally owned family business.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service and a superior alternative to bottled water coolers and drinking fountains.


The Water
Cooler Guys

The Water Cooler Guys is a proud Toowoomba locally owned family business.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service and a superior alternative to bottled water coolers and drinking fountains.


Hi, I’m Heidi Russell
Managing Director – The Water Cooler Guys

Quality products and excellent customer service have always been foremost to me – from my waitressing jobs during university years through to our former business, Ambush Security Services. I’ve also worked as a Toowoomba primary school teacher at many local schools whilst raising our children.

Nowadays my passion is to provide superior customer service while helping Toowoomba homes and businesses acquire superior quality sparkling & drinking water at less than half the price & twice the customer service of our main competitors. A sample of our many satisfied clients include:

  • Wellcamp Airport
  • Toowoomba Grammar School
  • Colliers Real Estate
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Weststar Motors
  • Education Qld
  • Clifford Gouldson Lawyers
  • Struxi Designs
  • Laser Clinics Australia
  • Bupa
  • McConachie Stedman Accountants
  • Wilson Family lawyers
  • Toowoomba Holden
  • ARTC Inland Rail
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Ensign Energy
  • Vanderfields

In addition to the above, numerous private homes, as well as many other local businesses, are also enjoying our products.

As a proud Toowoomba local I’m thrilled to see the satisfaction that our unique range of filtered drinking water products bring to people and I welcome the opportunity to provide them to you.


See what our customers are saying…


See what our customers are saying…

We love having our Water Cooler Guys water dispenser in the office! The team was particularly excited about the sparkling water option and the novelty hasn’t worn off. We all now drink more water which is so much healthier; we save money every month on bottled water; and our kitchen counter is no longer cluttered with kettle, water bottles etc. We also found the after-sales service offered by Heidi to be second to none. Any time we’ve needed to know something or needed something looked at, it is dealt with promptly and always with a smile.

Naomi Wilson

Focus HR

I love our new AquaSpritz because it means that I don’t have to keep opening soda bottles for my scotch!

Charlie Mort

Director , Mort & Co

Fantastic local service and a great product.

Brendan Goleby

Gordon Burke Constructions, Toowoomba

I really love the fresh, crisp taste of the water and the sparkling water feature is fantastic. Now I don’t have to stock up on bottled sparkling water for my clients, and the instant hot water feature means that I’ve been able to make a cuppa in a flash that I’ve even thrown away my kettle! They provided excellent customer service and are a pleasure to work with.

Chrissy Taylor

Suite Six, Toowoomba

This is one of the best water coolers on the market. We love our ION

Melissa Buckley

Chris Buckley Plumbing

The Water Cooler Guys have been great to deal with. We love having filtered cold & hot water in one compact machine which saves us space as we no longer need an urn or kettle on our kitchen bench. Not only is it a great product, but it saves us money as well.

Skye Hudson

TTQ Toowoomba

The Water Cooler Guys are a great local company to deal with. We have a self-filled bottle machine and it is great to know that the kids can drink as much water as they like during the day. They service our machine every few months and are always quick to respond if there are any issues. We would highly recommend them.

Rosemont Childcare Centre


Best water filtration system ever!! Sparkling water on tap! Amazing. Efficient service. Environmentally friendly. Health-conscious. Near boiling water, cold water. Aesthetically pleasing.

Penelope Dowling

Crackerjack Chicken Toowoomba

Thank you so much to the beautiful ladies Heidi and Di for assisting Ko Kollective with our brand new water cooler. We are all in love with it. Our office used to go through 4 bottles a week and we average 40+ cups of coffee each day. Our new system is going to save us so much money on not having to buy bottles any more but also on our power. I love the fact that it has a sleep mode and that you can see how many bottles you have saved from using. Your customer service is above anything else and had me sold straight away. You had the system installed within 24 hours and I am so super happy. Thank you so much

Natasha Krahenbring

Ko Kollective, Toowoomba

We love adding lemon & ginger cordial to our cold sparkling water when the 3pm slump hits. It’s the bomb Diggity.


Framed Hair & Beauty

My AquaSpritz Under-bench Water Filtration system improves the taste of Toowoomba water by 200%. I’m drinking so much more water now because it tastes so good.

Penny Webster

Journey Earth

I highly recommend The Water Cooler Guys for their filtered water systems. The service is of a high standard. I love their new product, the Under Bench AquaSpritz is the perfect filtered drinking water appliance. With a choice of healthy sparkling, boiling or cold water right from the kitchen sink. It’s also a much better alternative to bottled water and environmentally friendly. The water tastes great. Leasing the machine means never having to worry about filter replacements or maintenance as they take care of it all.

Gail Thompson

Thompson Digital Solutions

Amazing service. Love it!


Dornbusch Partners, Toowoomba

Absolutely the best machine we have ever installed.


Active Pathways Childcare, Toowoomba

What a brilliant, cost-effective system. They even have a sparkling water option. Great service and many happy customers who are raving fans.We will help you spread the word

Hardy Ahlhaus

Focal Point Photos, Toowoomba

Just knowing my drinking water is free from all the things that can make me ill makes me feel better already.

Margaret Marshall

Rangeville, Toowoomba

We all love the new AquaSpritz Sparkling Water System, it is always cold & easy to use.  Thanks, Heidi for the excellent service.

Bryon Slager

West Star Motors

Who are The Water Cooler Guys?


We aim to fundamentally change the way people view water quality.

Our goal is to be the leading Toowoomba distributor of drinking water appliances, bottle-less water coolers, and filtration equipment.

We believe we’ll achieve this by focusing on the customer’s needs and using appropriate technologies to develop simple, affordable solutions.

These are the principles that have inspired the creation of the AquaSpritz Drinking Water appliance and will continue to drive all future innovation at The Water Cooler Guys.

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